Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Number 1 in US Kindle genre!

Passage to Redemption is the most downloaded High Tech Science Fiction book in the USA - It's official!

Ranking = 343 overall and 1st for it's genre.

Kindle downloads have gone through the roof as hundreds accessed the free promotion in just the first few hours and it's still going on. The Kindle promotion for Prime Members runs for 5 days, so it will be fascinating to see where the ranking ends up.

To check out the story, or get your free download, visit the website at www.passagetoredemption.com

Friday, February 11, 2011

Passage to Redemption in Top 10 for its Category on Kindle!

Link to Passage to Redemption on Amazon

Despite the UK version of the paperback not yet being released, sales of the Kindle version rocketed the novel into the number 9 spot for the Metaphysical category on Kindle tonight.

Following a recent announcement by The Crew that all 2011 royalties are to be donated to an environmental cause, this will be good news for the organisations currently being considered for the donation.

If you haven't yet purchased your copy, it can be downloaded for less than £1 at the above link and you don't even need a Kindle device to read it. Free software can also be found that will allow you to read this, and other books, on the PC, MAC, or a range of other devices.

There's no time like the present to help save the future!


Monday, November 22, 2010

The Mexico Climate Change Summit Approaches and Passage to Redemption is Ready!

The Worldwide Collaborative Book Project has reached a highly satisfying conclusion with the release this week of Passage to Redemption on Kindle.

This means that for a few dollars or pounds, you can obtain a copy of our ground breaking environmental novel. The story combines a thriller spanning not just centuries, but thousands of years, with a powerful environmental message.

"What would we do if everyone on the planet knew without any doubt that they had to act now to avoid the demise of the human race within a few short years?"

Imagine if those who, for whatever reason, doubt the scientific consensus, also became convinced that a catastrophe was imminent. If everyone truly believed there was just five years, surely that would focus their minds. Our political leaders and systems have failed us and there is widespread distrust between nations, so who could possibly take the helm in such a disaster? Whose authority would everyone accept? You may find the conclusion surprising.

Most importantly, what could actually be done in a few short years to reverse the CO2 saturation of our atmosphere?

The key message of this story is that redemption is, just about, possible. Mankind has the inventiveness to bring about such a change. But it will be down to individuals as much as governments to make this happen. Passage to Redemption postulates a myriad of devices and initiatives that a desperate society might use if faced with a total ban on fossil fuels. It postulates the result of a massive change in the world's investment in so-called 'alternative' energy; except it's no longer an alternative, it's all there is.

It is fitting that this book was written collaboratively, as collaboration would be the unavoidable order of the day. It is also fitting that the collaboration was between complete strangers across the entire planet because, like the authors, Christians, Muslims, Jews, non-believers and every creed of religion would have to find a way to work together. Perhaps the central creed of their philosophies would finally manifest itself in a more tolerant society that, like the book, proves mankind can work together for the common good.

For those who prefer to hold the traditional book in their hands, they can buy it now on Amazon.com and soon on Amazon.co.uk.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Out now in the USA!

Passage to Redemption

The first release of Passage to Redemption is now available from Amazon for worldwide distribution.

It's been a massive effort by all those involved in the project and the result is a first class story which is already flying off Amazon's shelves!

You can get your copy here www.amazon.com/Passage-Redemption . Soon we will follow up with a Kindle version and other eBook formats, as well as Amazon.co.uk and other on-line stores around the world. With a project team from all over the world, we are already getting some great feedback internationally.

Thank you for your interest and we will keep you informed about the latest progress.

On behalf of all 'The Crew'


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Available soon!

After many months of writing and even more of waiting, Passage to Redemption is at the printers!

The special, first edition will be a short run for the benefit of the authors and those around the world who participated in the project as well as everyone who has followed our progress.

It will be available exclusively on Amazon.com for Worldwide distribution during September and I'll announce the date here first. Shortly after, a Kindle version will be launched.

The main release will follow a few months later on Amazon.co.uk as well as Amazon.com and general availability through book shops, to order.

It was always our desire to be available in time for the Mexico Climate Change Conference later this year, so we're especially pleased to have achieved this goal.

The special edition will be something of a collectors item but your postman will need strong arms as it weighs in at over 750 pages!

Just what you will need for those long Winter nights!


Sunday, June 13, 2010

A June Deadline!

Things have been going on behind the scenes on the project and a few months ago we set ourselves a June deadline to make some important decisions. The good news is that June is here and we are now preparing for the next and final push!

Passage to Redemption remains on track to be released before the Climate Conference in Mexico this year. Watch this space for details!

The Crew

Friday, February 5, 2010

So What's Going On Now?

With the writing phase completed, we now enter an equally challenging period!

The Climate Change Conference in Mexico takes place during 2010 and we would dearly like to be in print when that concludes. It's the most significant event since Kyoto.

But before anyone can buy our book, we need an Agent or Publisher, so the search is on. Our various writers around the World are sending 'Query' letters and emails seeking representation.

Typically this process takes as long as writing a book so we aren't anticipating a quick response and if successful, we will have to join the queue of waiting publications. It's tough, but we just have to be patient.

In the meantime, there is polishing to be done and the inevitable revisiting of what we've already written as well as discussions commencing about the next big project.

More about that soon!

The other work is to create our website and you can watch this come together at http://www.passagetoredemption.com/ , but please be patient it is still under construction.